Haugaland zoo has a diverse collection of animal species. In addition to magnificent animals, the beautiful surroundings will make a trip to this zoo a memorable experience. Observe the rare and obscure animals you probably haven’t seen previosly, and become even more familiar with those you already know and love  

Opening hours


The zoo is is closed until it opens 26th of May.  The park then opens 10 AM and closes 5 PM all days thereafter, except on Mondays where the park is closed.

This schedule will last until the beginning of autumn.

Entry fees

1-day pass

Children (0-2 years old): free

Children (3-13 years old): 150 kr

Adults: (14-66 years old): 250 kr

Seniors (67+ years old): 200 kr


Annual pass

Children (0-2 years old): not applicable

Children (3-13 years old): 350 kr

Adults: (14-66 years old): 600 kr

Seniors (67+ years old): 500 kr


Note that you can pay with cash (NOK) or card. If you do not have a Norwegian card, we recommend paying by cash due to technical difficulties with foreign cards. 


Haugaland zoo is located on the northernmost part of Karmøy, on the west coast of Norway. The address is Hauskevegen 30, 4260 Torvastad, Norway. Most people drive or use their bicycle, but you can also use bus 207. Check this website for more information

Park map